Helping your Kids with Gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Day

Mothers and fathers around the nation are about to be showered with gifts and praise for what they do day in and day out. Right around the corner we will be celebrating special days for each parent; make this year’s gifts unique and special to show them love.

Prepare a spa day at home for mom.

Start the day off with this darling personalized tea card and simply give her space for the day. Lay out some candles in the bathroom and draw a bubble bath after breakfast while keeping the kids occupied and make her a yogurt-honey or custom face scrub!

To make the tea cards you need one blank piece of paper (cardstock or thicker paper works best), a piece of colored paper, one empty egg carton, a small piece of pipe cleaner, a single teabag, glue, and your favorite flower-shaped decorations.

  1. Fold the blank piece of paper in half, “hamburger bun-style.” The inside is where you personalize your message to mom.
  2. On the outside “cover,” take a smaller piece of colored paper and glue it to the center.
  3. Cut the egg carton into individual “tea cups.”
  4. Glue the carton to the center of the colored paper.
  5. Attach the pipe cleaner to the egg carton as the cup “handle.”
  6. Place mom’s favorite flavor tea bag into the little “tea cup.”
  7. Decorate the front colored paper with flowers and any other designs you desire.

To make the yogurt and honey mask, you need a dash of ground cinnamon and nutmeg, one tablespoon of plain yogurt, and one teaspoon of honey. Simply mix the ingredients together in a small cup or bowl and voila! Try not to eat it before applying to your face. Apply the scrub for 7-10 minutes and wash off with warm water.

If mom wants to spend time with the kids, turn it into a family spa day! Everyone can participate in the face scrubs, and the ladies of the house can do hair and nails together or have a little fun and let the men of the house treat the ladies to a mani-pedi.

DIY Gifts for Father’s Day

This year, help the kids serve dad breakfast in bed! Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than heart-shaped bacon, a hearty omelette, and orange juice! Half a pound of bacon makes about eight hearts. All you have to do is preheat the oven to 425 degrees fahrenheit, cut the bacon in half, place parchment paper on a baking sheet, and form the halves together into a heart shape before placing in the oven to bake for about 10 minutes (or until slightly brown and crispy). With breakfast, give him a card that is “out of this world,” saying how much you love him “to the moon and back!”

To make these rocket cards, you’ll need cardstock paper of different colors (black, white, red, yellow, and orange), scissors, glue, a hole punch, yarn (orange and red), and a black marker.

  1. Fold the yellow paper in half and cut it into a smaller rectangle; this will be the body of the rocket. You will also write your personalized message on the inside of this paper.
  2. Cut two small triangles and three circles out of the orange paper. For better direction on sizes, download and print out this template.
  3. Cut one triangle slightly larger than the other two with the red paper.
  4. Cut star shapes out of the white paper.
  5. Glue the rocket on the black paper, left aligned in the center.
  6. The red triangle should be glued on top of the rocket, and two orange triangles go on each side of the bottom of the rocket.
  7. The three orange circles are glued onto the rocket as windows.
  8. The stars should be glued on either side at the top of the rocket.
  9. Use the hole punch to make a few holes at the bottom of the rocket.
  10. Thread orange and red yarn through these holes, tying them up and cutting them the same length.
  11. Use the black marker to write a personalized message on the inside of the rocket.

Spend the remainder of the day being crafty and getting your hands dirty with some of these handprint gift ideas. Plan to make the gifts before Father’s Day with your kids or work on them the day of with dad.

Work with each child to make their own stepping stones with handprints to commemorate the moment later on. Pick up a kit for each stone you want to make. The instructions are all included in each step; let each kid design their stone however they want with a personalized message for dad that can be seen every day from outside your home in the garden or by the walkway.

End the day with a Father’s Day cookout with the neighbors or camp out in the backyard with a fire pit, s’mores, and campfire songs!

Written by Sarah Richards