Inspiration for Your Fairy Garden

Help your kids develop a green thumb at an early age and lure fairies into the home with a tiny space created and tended with love. Fairy gardens are miniature gardens with living plants and complete with tiny structures fit for a fairy. Creating these enchanting wonderlands are easy and a perfect afternoon activity to enjoy with your kids!

These easy creations start with one simple decision: where will the fairies live? Look for old pots, fountains, troughs, or boxes around the home to reuse, or buy something special for your project.

The next thing you will need to do is pick a basic theme. Options are limitless; you may choose fairy cities, castles, tree interiors, farmland, a wooded wonderland, or so much more.

After your theme and planting structure have been decided on, sort through an array of flowers and/or greenery that you would like to grow. Popular plants to feature in fairy gardens include ferns, miniature roses, rosemary, succulents, ivy, small bonsai trees, tiny violas, baby tears (for ground cover), and ornamental strawberry (another ground cover option). 

You can also add a path of rocks, a pond made from a tiny dish, or even a twig fence. Water the plants, add your fairies—or farm animals or other objects (anything your child wants is fine)—and watch your garden grow! Get as detailed as you want by creating a village of fairy homes or take the simple route.

It’s not just a project for girly girls! Your little boy will love the project, too. Add some dinosaurs, design a pirate garden, or set up a train track throughout the garden instead of a traditional rock path. 

Get Inspired!