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KadieBeth Clemmons: MOM.me to Meet

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KadieBeth Clemmons was raised in the Black Hills and works at VIP Properties as their office manager. She says “it’s like being the captain of a ship, making sure daily operations run smoothly and everything is in order.” She is married to Trevor Clemmons, a correctional officer with the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office. Their family is kept busy with their daughter Emerson, with another one arriving mid-2016. KadieBeth says the secret to balancing home and work life changes every day. We asked her to share a few ideas on what she does to make life just a little easier.



Her Little Time Saver

“Being organized helps me keep my head straight. If the diaper bag has everything in it ready to go the night before, it makes my mornings way easier!”


Hey, That’s a Great Idea!

“My husband leaves for work a little before we do, so he puts the diaper bag in my vehicle before he heads out. It’s one less thing I have to carry out the door.”


Her Go-To Quick Meal

“My go to meal is always spaghetti; quick, easy and delicious! My husband gets sick of it pretty quickly, but I could eat it everyday.”




What does it mean to be a positive role mommy to your child(ren)?

“I want my daughter to always look up to me and say she wants to grow up to be just like me. I am the mother I am today because of my own mother, she inspired me with her love and patience and I strive to be like her.“



Choosing Clothes

“I tend to change my outfits a lot in the morning. I either just don’t like ANYTHING I own or it just doesn’t look right. Either way, I change…a lot! So by choosing an outfit the night before and knowing that’s what I am wearing the next day saves a ton of time.”


Food and Snacks

“If I have breakfast plans made and snacks ready to go in a snack cup the night before, that saves me five minutes of having to do it the day of.”


An Organized Nursery

“By keeping my daughter’s clothes organized it helps me find things fast. Keeping items I need to get her ready in the morning (pony tails, headbands, diapers, wipes, diaper cream, etc.) within arms reach of her changing table helps save time.”


“All of these things, in a perfect world, would make getting out the door easy and stress free, but this is real life. I just remember that I’m doing the best I can, and that’s all that counts!”


“I love being a mom, there is no greater pleasure than seeing my child grow and become such a beautiful and charismatic little girl.”



Photos by A Moment for Memories Photography