Nurses Kari Nielsen

Kari Nielsen: Nurse of Excellence

Kari Nielsen, RN



I love seeing kids in all different stages of life, from preemies to 18 years old—and from different cultures, backgrounds, races, and experiences. I’m a mom, and give the advice I have learned from our doctors to my own kids and to the parents in our practice. We’re all here to make a difference, and that is what I strive to do every day.

“Kari “is” what Black Hills Pediatrics stands for. She comes to work each day with a positive, up-beat attitude, always provides the best care to her patients, and acts as a constant team player to her colleagues. Kari’s everyday routine and attitude are evident whether she’s walking a patient around the building, coloring with them in the waiting room so the parents can have some one-on-one time with the provider, picking up extra shifts, or sharing her advice and life experiences.

Kari doesn’t stop making a difference when she leaves work. In her off-time, you can find her handing out winter coats and feeding the homeless members of our community. No matter where she goes, she is “that kind” of nurse, friend, mentor, and human being. Kari lets people know that we are all in this life together.”
Amanda Russell, Colleague


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