Kathy Coats

Mrs. Kathy Coats

Fifth Grade at Calvary Christian School, Rapid City


Bringing heart and soul into her teaching, Mrs. Coats has been inspiring her students at Calvary Christian for the last 10 years.

“Kathy believes in the best of kids and really looks to bring that out in them,” agreed Chad and Dawn Meyer, whose children have all had Mrs. Coats as their teacher.

Kathy sees every child as an individual in her classroom, making sure they are succeeding to the best of their abilities – even if that means taking time out of her evenings and summers to tutor and mentor students.

Her passion of education extends beyond the classroom, too, with hands-on opportunities for her students to learn. With a hike up Harney Peak to learn about life science and a trip to Outdoor Campus West to learn about nature, she provides educational experiences her kids will remember for a lifetime explains Elizabeth Kieffer, a student’s mom.

Kathy is able to meet kids where they are and encourage them to keep learning. She sees potential in her students and is making a difference
in their lives.

“Fifth grade is a great age to teach because the students are so curious about everything,” said Kathy. And she is right there alongside them, answering their never-ending questions along the way.

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By Jenna Carda
Photo by Legacy