Kylee Heinert

Mrs. Kylee Heinert

Second Grade at New Underwood Elementary School, New Underwood


Step into the world of second grade at New Underwood Elementary, and you will meet Mrs. Heinert’s class.

“Kylee is an energetic teacher who makes learning an interactive experience for her students,” said Principal George Seiler. “She has high expectations for her students’ success and cares about each and every one of them.

Kylee is very aware of every student’s learning level and is there to make sure his or her love of learning continues to grow.

“My daughter has struggled for a couple years enunciating words with ‘R’ in them,” explained Amanda Trople, a parent to a couple of Kylee’s students. After starting in Mrs. Heinert’s class, Kylee began talking to Amanda about solutions to correct the issue and got to work finding others to help her daughter. “I was blown away by her responsiveness without me having to request assistance,” said Amanda.

Second grade is the age where students begin to take hold of their independence, but still need a little guidance now and then. Their endless energy leaves plenty of room for trying new and exciting things, which Kylee loves.

“They have made some sense of the world around them and start to make connections to it,” explained Kylee. “I love that they can tie their shoes, but still believe in magic!”

Building a love of learning, Kylee stands by her students every step of the way and assures creativity and love fill the room each and every day.

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By Jenna Carda
Photo by Legacy