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Laugh Out Loud

Laugh Out Loud

    • I had spilled a cup of water and then asked Sarah to get me a couple paper towels. In a few minutes in she walked with a coffee cup filled with paper towels. I thanked her and then asked why she put them in a coffee cup.  Sarah said, well you asked me for a “cup of paper towels.”


    • Hannah was feeding the turkeys at Grandpa’s zoo and one of them bit her finger. She cried Mom, the “ham” bit my finger. She knew the “bird” was named after a type of sandwich meat, she just said the wrong one.


    • Uncle Virg and Aunt Eunice were celebrating their 60th anniversary and young Katie said to her mom “I’ve heard of thevirgin Mary but not the Virgin Eunice.”


    • At a program about characters of South Dakota an actor came out and said “My name is Crazy Horse” and Mary, 4, said to me, “That guy says he’s a crazy horse!”


    • We were offering drinks to our guests and our daughter offered them “chocolate camel whiskers,” we realized she was saying Tropicana Twisters.


    • After many weeks of losing, then purchasing new pacifiers, we happened upon Megan crawling out from under her crib with pacifier in mouth. Curious, we moved the crib and found “the stash” she has been collecting.


  • Our house has a picture window facing the backyard. My son, 3, looked out the window and said, “Look mom, there is two bucks and three no-bucks.”