Boy at School

Learn at Home


Last year, Rapid City residents Shannon Mojica and Tyler Liebsch made the decision to homeschool their son Tristin (now 6) for kindergarten. That was, until they did research and found out how expensive it would be to fund. “After learning that homeschooling would not work, we began to explore other options,” explained Shannon.


The family needed something flexible to fit their ever-changing schedule, so they enrolled Tristin in the K12 online program. “The courses are half online and half offline,” said Shannon, “and we are able to work anywhere, at any time.”


The K12 online program is considered a public option for students, providing all the supplies and curriculum families will need for their lessons and schooling. It allows for custom scheduling of courses on a daily basis and Tristin can work at his own pace. He is even allowed to work ahead and easily gets extra practice when he needs it.


Alternative schooling has been great for Shannon and Tyler while they balance their schedules. Tyler is studying for his PhD in Physics at SDSM&T and Shannon working towards her BA in Business Administration at NAU.


“Tristin will be going back for first grade this fall, and we are all excited how well this schooling has worked for us,” said Shannon.