Sad Lady

A Letter to My Younger Self

Oh freshman girl, with your hopeful eyes of meeting new people and being introduced to new things _ stay true to yourself. Throughout the pain you will go through that high school is going to bring, know you are going to get through the tough days.

Learn to make yourself happy. You don’t need to give all of yourself away to other people. The girl you want so badly to like you is not someone you should call a friend. She is hurtful and finds it thrilling to put others down. Those who follow her are scared of being in her line of attack. Don’t pour your soul into friend groups that go against your hopes and dreams, your goals and your beliefs.

Know you have people who love you. Those teachers, secretaries, coaches and counselors aren’t as bad as you think. They will listen with kind hearts about the nasty messages being sent to you, your fear of walking the hallways and when you are followed home. They have advice that will truly help overcome the battles you are facing during this chapter in life.

Sweet girl, you’re going to make it through this. There are days you’re going to question your purpose in life and why you are here, but let me tell you it’s going to be ok. Those girls will never have the heart for others, which you have gained because of your trials. You, my dear, are going to go farther than you can imagine.

With love,

Your older self