Lisa Engler

Lisa Engler, RN

Labor and Delivery at Rapid City Regional Hospital

Teaching has always been a passion of Lisa Engler’s, and after taking a nurses’ aide class in high school, her outlook of what nursing can offer gained a new perspective. As a registered nurse in labor and delivery at Rapid City Regional Hospital, Lisa is able to find her niche that combines her love of teaching, answering questions and caring for others.

“My delivery was long and challenging,” said Christina Schmit, a former patient of Lisa’s. “I remember being tired and out of energy then being greeted by an upbeat nurse with kind and encouraging eyes.” Throughout Christina’s laboring process, Lisa was there as a soft-spoken, gentle coach who was personable and a great source of comfort to the new mom.

Not only is Lisa helping mothers through labor and delivery, but she also teaches monthly classes. Additionally, she has developed training modules and tools for new nurses who are coming on board at the hospital to help orient them to the nursing work environment. With a love of sharing her knowledge with others, Lisa is able to explain the lofty medical terms and make them understandable to everyone involved, as well as making both new parents and new employees comfortable with their transition.

“I love answering questions and discussing options for their plan of care” said Lisa when asked about her favorite thing about nursing. “It’s a unique opportunity to really get to know your patients and their families.”

“In my mind, Lisa is one of the best nurses I have had,” said Christina. “She is very passionate about what she does and you can tell just being in her presence.”


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Written by Jenna Carda
Photo by Legacy