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Make Chores Fun

Make Chores Fun!

The team at BH Parent has gathered our best tips to convert chore time in the home into the most fun for everyone involved.

Draw your chores.

From personal hygiene tasks to putting dishes in the washer, kids make drawings of their daily tasks and post them in a high-visibility spot. The drawings create an easy reminder, and they’re personalized.

Host a Clean-a-thon.

Mom, Dad, Brother, and Sister each have to-dos that they work on at the same time. Tasks go faster and are much more fun. And hurry! If you get your chores done in time, you get to catch a matinee as a family.

Have a dance party.

Mrs. Doubtfire had a good time, and you will, too! Turn up the tunes while you vacuum, sweep, or dust side by side.