Make Your Own Fall Leaf Decorations


  • Paper: White copy paper works, or you can use colored or printed paper if you’re feeling festive
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Paints (we used watercolor, but any paint can work!)
  • String
  • Your Imagination!

STEP ONE: Start with your piece of paper, and fan fold one-inch sections back and forth until your piece of paper looks like a small skinny rectangle. Use your hole punch to make a hole that goes through all the folded pieces. (You can turn your paper hamburger style to make short, wide leaves, or turn it hot dog style to make longer, skinnier leaves!) After the hole is punched, staple your leaves a few centimeters under the hole to keep them in a folded position.

STEP TWO: Cut a design in the edges of your leaves. You can unfold your leaf, or keep it partially folded for more symmetrical designs. For the pointy leaves we left them completely folded and cut the ends into a triangle shape. For the more rounded leaves, we unfolded them and cut them into an oval. You can use your creativity and make your own design!

STEP THREE: Paint your leaves! You can use warm colors like RED, ORANGE, and YELLOW like we did to make fall colors, or use your own color scheme! You can use multiple colors on each leaf, or paint each one a different color!

STEP FOUR: Take your string, and thread it through the holes punched in the leaves. You can either string them all together as a garland or hang them individually!


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