Why do these words make the average married individual cringe? What is with this “therapy taboo” that we ardently cling to, causing us to cast aside help that is readily available? Something has led us to view marriage counseling as a “last resort” for unhappy couples, reserved for relationships that are spiraling downwards.


Tell me this…do we wait until our car engine is on fire before we take it in for an oil change? Does our swimming buddy have to be halfway
sunk before we throw him an inner tube or a life vest? Why do so many people wait for a major health issue to rear its ugly head before they start caring about their health? Be preventative—get a yearly physical! The same theory applies to marriage counseling: don’t wait until it’s nearly over. Maybe it would help if we could all begin to think of counseling as vitamins—instead of antidotes.


Marriage TLC

A healthy marriage requires a little tender, loving care now and then in order to remain operational, to stay afloat, and to preserve its healthy state. There is no shame in employing an unbiased third person point-of-view for issues that seem to remain unresolved no matter how many times, or from how many different angles, you argue it. Or maybe all you and your spouse need is an open forum in a safe and loving environment—the chance to air your grievances, or perhaps celebrate your successes.