Meet the Boy of the Year: Trevor

The Club for Boys is proud to announce their Boy of the Year, a program that recognizes outstanding members who demonstrate kindness, integrity, good behavior and is a positive role model to others year-round.

On February 26, 2018, the Club for Boys gathered together to celebrate their Star Wars themed 2018 Boy of the Year banquet. Trevor Getty, a junior in high school in Rapid City, received the well-deserved honor of Boy of the Year.

“What a great feeling to become the boy of the year,” Trevor Getty expressed after receiving the award. “I felt a wave of relief when my name was called. This was an accomplishment that I have felt like I needed to achieve since I was first nominated as boy of the area when I was 6.

“Trevor deserved this award,” Zach Brown, older boys program director stated. “Trevor is a role model for all the Club for Boys members and is everything the Club for Boys stands for. Trevor is active in all areas of the Club for Boys, spending time playing Super Smash Brothers in the den, launching dodgeballs in the gym, and you will always see him lending a hand to other Club members. Trevor is well liked amongst all the older boys and is helpful maintaining a happy and friendly environment throughout the Club for Boys.”

Throughout the year, boys are nominated by staff and one boy is selected and honored at the annual Boy of the Year banquet. This award has been a part of the Club for Boys for 54 years. This program was designed to provide positive experiences that cultivate self-esteem and character for Club members. The Club for Boys staff speak to many individuals in the community about each boy that is nominated for the Boy of the Year award to learn more about the boy’s characteristics outside of the Club.

See more photos of the event here.

Clay Quinton, director of individual services stated, “The main thing about Getty has been his consistency. Since he first entered our doors, he has exemplified everything the Club looks for in our boy of the area, month, and year. I truly can’t think of a time when I had to correct his behavior. He is a young man who has always asked and cared how everyone at the Club for Boys is doing.”

Getty shows leadership characteristics outside of the Club for Boys as well. Getty has transitioned through our junior retailer’s program and is now an employee at the Thrift Store. “Trevor has been an asset to us in more ways than one,” Jeanni Gossard, Thrift Store Manager said. “He is friendly, kind and approachable and is always ready with a smile and a helping hand.”

“Trevor will be missed when he becomes a Club for Boys alumni. One of the characteristics I admire most about Trevor is his kindness.” Brown said.

Trevor has ambition to continue his education at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. The Club for Boys would like to congratulate Trevor on all his accomplishments and that he is taking his next step after high school. The Club is thrilled the school is not far far away and hopes he stops into the Club for Boys and continues to be a positive role model and leader.

“All eyes are on me after this moment at the Club for Boys and I now realize that they will be on me at all times and that is a great feeling. I have worked hard to be respected by my peers and adults in my community. I feel great about knowing that others have a positive outlook on what I do. Getting this award is one of the greatest accomplishments that I could get in my life. I feel like achieving this is something that took a lot of time and work, and I am proud to get to represent the Club for Boys.”

“It makes our Club proud if people see him in the community wearing his Boy of the Year jacket and associate him with the Club for Boys,” stated Quinton.


Copy and photos courtesy of The Club for Boys