When you meet the Brave Heart family, it is apparent there is a close connection between the five of them. Smiles spread across their faces as they interact, and personalities shine through conversations and sharing their dreams. That’s where this all started – Etiquette Catering Co. It was a dream, a passion, and a goal that Kim and Brandon made into their lifestyle. Now, they are introducing the work ethic, value, and love of all things food with their three children: Payton (13), Paloma (8), and little Pia (2).

Cooking is what brought Kim and Brandon closer and closer throughout their 14 years of marriage. From researching produce, techniques, and nutritional values – everything became even more important to the Brave Hearts once they started a family of their own. 

a new chapter

With a drastic change to their life, three children to think of, and the future of their family, Kim and Brandon sat down at the kitchen table to talk about some changes.

“I asked him, ‘when you think about your day, what do you look forward to? What makes you happy’,” explained Kim, missing the energy Brandon brought to their family dynamic. And without hesitation, Brandon said: our children, and cooking with you.

It was decided. The couple would be opening a professional catering business together – combining a passion for food and family together.

a boutique experience

Kim and Brandon had always been cooking for large groups – preparing family meals and hosting celebrations for community events. Now, the reality of opening a professional catering company had arrived.

“Initially, I think people thought we were nuts,” explained Kim. “But I grew up in a small business environment, and it had a huge impact on me and why I’m an entrepreneur. I want that for our kids – to see and understand the value of hard work”

And that’s just what Payton and Paloma are getting to experience. Now, with dreams of becoming a chef and a critic, food runs in the family.

Etiquette Catering Co. is an artisan boutique catering company that puts pride and a lot of love into the cultural creations they make. From the tender buffalo and traditional Lakota flavors, to touches of and tastes of Spain, Italy, and more – Kim and Brandon are making memories together and for those they are cooking for.

“Creating tasty food together is what I enjoy most about our business,” said Brandon, “and it makes people feel good! Events are centered around food, and when the food they are eating is curated just for them, it shows.”



Thank you to Willow General Store for inviting us to picnic in the beautiful backyard garden area in Piedmont, to Timeless Wedding & Event Rentals for making it a gorgeous setting, and to Victoria’s Garden adding the fresh bouquets for the Brave Heart family’s photo shoot.