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Travel tips for the family on the move.

Between taking the kids to school, sports, commuting to work, and family road trips, we are spending more time on the road than ever.

All those miles, especially with kids, can start to seem like a chore. Here are five comfort features in some of the latest vehicle models that will make driving more enjoyable.




One of the best things about a minivan are all the seats, but trying to organize the kids into the third row seating can be frustrating, especially if you have to climb back there with them to help buckle.

Having second-row seating that moves with a touch of a button makes that task easier. By pulling one lever, the seat easily slides forward, folding up to allow more room to access the third-row. Putting it back is equally as easy. Push the seat back until it locks, push the cushion down until it locks, too—and you’re ready to go.

Long car trips seem to bring out the worst in kids and it’s frustrating having to break up distracting arguments while you’re driving. Individual Second-row bucket seats can be a stress-saver for parents by giving each child their own space.




This overhead convex mirror allows the driver—aka mom or dad—to keep an eye on the shenanigans going on in the second and third rows without having to turn around and take their focus off the road.

Kids are bound to behave a bit better when they know you have an eye on them. It also gives parents peace of mind because they can periodically check on their toddler or preschooler.




There’s nothing like a toasty, warm car to make a driver feel drowsy. You can turn down the heat, but then you’re freezing out the kids in the third-row seats.

Tri-zone climate control allows for the driver, front passengers, and rear-seat passengers to be at their ideal temperature by offering them the ability to individually set their preferences.




For short trips across town, a rear entertainment system might cause more arguments than it’s worth when your kid can’t finish their movie.

For long trips, though, or for when everyone is suffering from the post-practice hunger pangs and in a ready-to-be-home-already mood—a rear entertainment system will help keep kids happy and quiet, allowing you to keep your attention on the road.

Some parents opt for individual tablets or iPads instead, but kids can forget to bring their electronic devices or the power can run low. Rear entertainment systems are always in the vehicle, ready to distract fussy kids.

Entertainment systems also come in different options; ceiling-mounted, flip-down screens, seat-back screens, and floor-mounted center console screens. Most systems include wired or wireless headphones.


Everyone knows that parents don’t have enough arms. Between carrying groceries, babies or toddlers, sports gear, or Christmas shopping–it’s frustrating to try opening the rear liftgate without setting anything down.

A power-operated rear liftgate is just the solution. Press a button on the remote and it will open on it’s own. Unload, hit the button again, and it closes, too.

With an active lifestyle and busy families, parents spend a lot of time in their cars. With countless options available to you when choosing a car, make the features work for you and your day-to-day routines.