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Never Fear – Resources Are Here

Tips from an Outdoor Dad: Chad Tussing

“Your kids are going to ask questions,” said Chad, “and it’s ok to not know the answer. Take a picture of the feather or track you have questions on and look it up when you get home – learn about your finds together.”

Every outdoor family needs to start somewhere. And although it may seem daunting, there are many resources to help you along the way.


Take a class

The Outdoor Campus West holds numerous hands-on classes ranging from hunting and fishing to skills and knowledge. This past year, over 24 thousand people took a class from the Campus ranging from age three and up.

If you’re out and about, many of the state parks offer classes, including an annual state Game, Fish and Parks event is held called “Becoming an Outdoors Family” which will be happening East River this year in Grenville, SD, July 27-29.


It’s on the Internet

From blogs, vlogs and articles, you are bound to find anything you are looking for on the web. Be it trail heads, licensing information or how to set up a tent and line a fishing pole – there are many resources available to you.


Visit with friends

Out of all the people you know in the Black Hills, there is more than likely someone who has spent a day or two outside hitting the local trails or camping amongst the trees. Ask your friends for some tips and tricks to make getting outside with your family for the first time a breeze.