Nurse of Excellence: Roxy

Roxann “Roxy” Sweeter, LPN
Family Medicine at Rapid City Medical Center 

Roxann “Roxy” Sweeter has been a nurse for Dr. Zielike at the Medical Arts Clinic at Rapid City Medical Center for 30 years and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Roxy and her husband moved to the Black Hills area in 1972 and stay busy fishing, camping and attending athletic games for their six grandchildren. Even while they were boating with their two kids, it wasn’t unusual to see Roxy with her nose buried in a textbook.

She started her career in obstetrics, caring for patients and their newborns at the family practice. Now, she has found her passion for the elderly in geriatric care at the facility.

“Our older patients are some of my favorites,” said Roxy. “They are nice and thankful; they have wonderful stories and sometimes they just need a hug.”

Being a clinical nurse, Roxy has been able to build a rapport with many of her patient. On her days off, many patients will ask for her by name – one of the biggest highlights upon her return.

Roxy has a tremendous work ethic and many take notice.

“She is the kind of nurse that I want taking care of my family,” said Paula Fischer, Roxy’s coworker. “She encourages others to do their best and sets expectations for what anyone would want in a nurse.”

Words by Jenna Carda
Photos by Jesse Brown Nelson