Nurse of Excellence: Valerie

Valerie Iddings, RN
Dermatology at 
Rapid City Medical Center

Growing up, becoming a teacher was always in the back of Valerie Iddings’s mind. But, as she took more classes in college, she found her passion was in the nursing field. Now, 13 years later, as a wife and mom of five, Valerie is an RN in Dermatology at the Skin Institute at Rapid City Medical Center.

Dermatology is a dynamic specialty that not only treats a variety of diseases, but helps people’s image of themselves, too.

“It’s rewarding to be in a revered field that not only prevents and treats skin cancer, but helps patients build self confidence in their appearance by treating acne or cosmetic procedures,” said Val.

Educating others is also a favorite for Val. As part of her daily routine with each of her patients – walking them through sun safety, medications, care plans, and more.

“Val is a perfect example of how the ‘patient-inspired difference’ is played out in our practice every day,” shared Val’s doctor, Dr. Lyca Scott-Thornburg. “She has been my nurse for nine years, and regardless of the circumstance, she is always dependable.”

From staying late to finish the job, to volunteering her time to implement new processes, Val’s commitment to her position is appreciated by many.

Words by Jenna Carda
Photos by Jesse Brown Nelson