It’s OK to get Help

UnknownFor many women, having a clean and presentable home is directly linked to their pride and sanity. But when family life is busy, careers start demanding more time, and the hours in a day don’t increase so you can get it all done, it may mean it’s time to consider options for getting a little help.

Having a cleaning service has often been considered a luxury or indulgence, rather than a real option for mothers on a budget with a house full of lives to manage. It’s not uncommon to feel like letting someone else clean your house means you are lazy, spoiled, or too good to get on your hands and knees and do it yourself. But the truth is, more than likely none of these stigmas apply.  What’s hiding under that false layer of guilt, is the reality that you have to choose how you will invest your time, and if it comes down to choosing between caring for your family or having squeaky clean floors, we’re guessing family wins.

Just like everything else, how you spend your time and money depends on your personal preferences and needs. For some people allocating some of their monthly budget to a cleaning service is considered money well spent that helps free up their time so they can enjoy the things they value more. If you are ready to enlist some help here are a few things to consider when hiring a house cleaning service:

  • What are their hours and do they work with your schedule?
  • How often do you need them to clean?
  • Are there specific tasks you want them to take care of?
  • What are the weekly, biweekly, and monthly rates?
  • Will they use your preferred products?
  • Be sure to discuss any allergy concerns.

Hiring a cleaning service can help free up your valuable time, and more free time to spend with your family is always a good reason to get a little help.