Mrs. Bjorg Remmers Seymour

Piece of the Pi

“Help kids see the math in all situations,” said Bjorg Remmers-Seymour, Rapid City Educator of the Year and an eighth grade math teacher at East Middle School. This veteran teacher has some great advice to keep math skills sharp and fun this summer. First, start by asking your child’s teacher for five math skills they need to work on over the break, then use:

Have your child double recipes to work on their fractions.

Road Trips:
Ask a question like: “If we’re traveling at this rate of speed and we have these many miles to go- how long before we reach our destination?” or figuring out how many miles between mile markers.

Measure the growth of plants. Connect with science and compare different plant growth in different light situations and make graphs and tables to track your findings.

Grocery Shopping:
Practice estimating the price of produce based on how many pounds you’re purchasing.

Lemonade Stand:
Have them practice money management by running a lemonade stand and counting back change to their customers.

Written by Christy Hammond