Pinecone Owl

DIY Fall Craft: Pinecone Animals

Your kids will have so much fun making these pinecone creatures. Let them experiment with making their favorite animals – the options are endless!

If you don’t have pinecones in your yard, take the family to a nearby park for a nature walk and collect them.

NOTE: All of pinecone animal crafts require a hot glue gun. Teach older children about hot glue gun safety and supervise to make sure they are being safe, and have an adult do the gluing for younger children.

You’ll need googly eyes, paint, popsicle sticks, red and yellow pipe cleaner, warm-colored acrylic paint, and a pinecone.

Paint the tips of the pinecone with fall colors like orange and yellow to resemble a turkey’s feathers. After the paint dries, paint 5 to 6 popsicle sticks red, orange, and yellow. Glue these to the pinecone evenly spaced out in a half-circle shape. Then, hot glue the googly eyes to the front of the pinecone. Create a beak out of yellow pipe cleaner and add a wattle using red pipe cleaner. Hot glue these under the eyes, and voila! You have a pinecone turkey.

See it here.

You’ll need yellow pipe cleaner, googly eyes, brown construction paper, brown or white feathers, and a pinecone.

Using the yellow pipe cleaner, create clawed feet and a V-shaped beak. Hot glue the feet to the bottom of the pinecone and the beak in the middle. Cut two circles from the construction paper that are slightly larger than the googly eyes. Glue them above the beak. Next, glue the eyes on the circle pieces of construction paper. Glue several feathers on each side of the pinecone, and you have an owl!

See it here.

You’ll need googly eyes, pink and white construction paper, a white button, white paint, and a pinecone.

Paint the tips of the pinecone using the white paint. After drying, glue the pink button to the middle of the pinecone, to represent the rabbit’s nose. Above the nose, glue the googly eyes on. Cut out oval ear shapes using the white construction paper. Cut out smaller oval shapes using the pink construction paper. Glue the pink ovals in the white ovals, lining them up at the bottom. Then, glue the ears onto the top of the pinecone.

See it here.

By Kelsey Sinclair