Potty Training- Fruit Loops

Potty Training Hacks

Once your kids are out of diapers, you’ll learn one thing: toilet paper is precious. Sure, each roll is pretty cheap, but it adds up, especially when your wallet is being pulled in a million other directions. Teach your child to conserve toilet paper by putting a “do not pass” sign under the toilet paper roll. This lets your kid know when they have enough!

Potty training your kiddo is like training anything else, you have to use a ‘carrot and a stick.’ Not literally though, rewarding a carrot wouldn’t make your kid anymore likely to use the potty right! Incentivize good potty behavior by giving a reward, like a piece of candy or extra TV time, when they do it right. If they have an accident, have them help clean it up.

Training underwear will work better than you may think. Choose panties that have your child’s favorite character on them or in their favorite color, and they won’t want to make a mess in them. In public restrooms, cover the flushing sensor with a sticky note. These can be intimidating to children just learning to use the bathroom.

One more tip: Grab the Cereal
Help your son improve his aim by throwing cereal in the toilet. Not only does it make potty time fun, but helps keep the mess to a minimum.