Printable Geography Worksheets & Games

If you’re staying home following social distancing rules or preparing for summer with your kiddos, planning some time outside or away from the screens is a sure way to spend quality time with each other. Sometimes it is difficult to get your kids to sit still for more than a second, so you have to find a way to keep the little ones engaged and entertained with unique activities. 

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A good way to keep your kids’ busy and active minds occupied is by promoting a traveling spirit — even if you’re stuck at home. You can do this through activities like games, cooking, and storytime! Teaching your kids at a young age about the world and its wonders such as landmarks, cuisine, culture and traditions can help them get excited to learn new things and develop empathy. 

To make things simple and easy for you and your little ones, here is a list of five fun and creative games and printable worksheets. With these activities, your kids will learn things like famous landmarks, fun facts about places around the world, such as inventors and culture. 

Find the Landmarks Location 

Association learning is always great for kids who are visual learners! There are many countries that are famous for their landmarks, so your kids will have a fun time with these printables since they are very well-known, like the Eiffel tower! If they’re still in the early stages of exploring world geography, associating these cool locations and structures will definitely get them eager to learn more!

Make a Travel Bucketlist

Help your child construct their own unique bucket list for travel by filling out this printable. As well as making a list of destinations they’d like to visit, the printables asks for places at each destination they would like to see, activities they’d like to try and the food they’d like to eat. 

Follow this printable with an exciting DIY craft like making a pushpin map with a travel theme or crafting a travel scrapbook or journal.

A Crossword Puzzle of World Facts 

Being familiar with world facts will be very handy when your kids is first starting off in a geography class. Help them finish this crossword puzzle by dropping more clues with they get stuck on a problem.  

With simple questions (what is the largest country in the world?) to more challenging ones (what city sits on two continents?), this crossword puzzle will encourage them to grow their geographical education.

World Flag Color By Numbers 

Get your kids to wind down with a color by numbers worksheet. This printable features three of the most colorful country flags in the world to color and express their creativity. Make sure you hang up their artwork on the refrigerator to inspire their wanderlust. 

Memory Game With World Capitals 

To exercise your little one’s brain, check out this engaging world capitals memory game. This game can be an exciting challenge for kids who are starting to learn about political geography since the cards are not an identical visual match. For an extra twist, give them a time limit to finish the game and give a prize if the cards are matched correctly. 

With these fun worksheets and tips on hand, you are ready to embark on a new adventure with your kiddos. Use them while you’re at home to inspire your future travels or to pass the time while still learning.