Put the fun in Fundraising

We’re all ready to get out and explore together, whether that be with youth groups, summer camps, or setting up a new experience all your own. The downside is that these things can cost a significant amount to coordinate and pull off without a hitch. As we get ready for the spring and summer seasons, now is the time to consider whether you should consider doing some fundraising to help with these costs. 

If you’ve never done fundraising before, it can seem daunting to get started. We chatted with the team at Black Hills Coupon Book, and they helped us put together some simple tips to help! 

  1. Set a goal. Figure out what it is you want to do; are you setting up a summer camp? Donating to a worthy cause? Sending your kid’s scout group on a camping trip? Figure out all the costs such as food, transportation, or hired help. Once you know how much it’ll cost, you know how much you need to raise.
  2. Decide how to raise money. There are lots of ways to accomplish this, whether it’s selling things like the Black Hills Coupon Book or offering services like lawn cleanup or snow shoveling. Discuss what everyone in your group feels comfortable doing and look into resources in your area.
  3. Find your audience. Consider who you want to reach out to. Are you planning a youth group retreat? You may have the most success starting with your church’s congregation. Hosting a summer camp? Think about the extended family and friends of your campers and what might appeal to them. Knowing who you plan to talk to helps give your fundraising direction.
  4. Make your story personal. Nobody enjoys asking for money, but you can make it easy on yourself by planning ahead. Know what you’re going to say, or have your team say, when approaching people for money. What is your cause? Why is it important to you? Explain how the money you’re asking for will make a difference; it helps people feel involved in your cause and more likely to take part. 
  5. Get creative. Remember the ice bucket challenge? The quirky social media challenge helped The ALS Association increase their annual funding by 187 percent in one year, which dramatically increased their ability to research and fight the disease. Brainstorm ideas on how to make your fundraising fun and approachable. With the Black Hills Coupon Book, a great way to do this is coming up with ideas based on the coupons they’ll have access to. There’s all kinds of fun to be had, from family trips around the hills to date nights on the town — check out their blog for ideas! 
  6. Look for sponsorship. Many organizations in the Black Hills have space in their annual budgets for charitable donations and grants. Ask around your community and see if there is someone willing to help. Even if they can’t help you financially, some will donate items or services for things like raffles and auctions.
  7. Follow up. As you get closer to your fundraising deadline, keep your group and your donors informed of your progress. You can do this with a newsletter if you have contact information, or via social media if you set up a page in advance. This recurring contact with donors makes them feel like they’re part of a community and not just a paycheck. 
  8. Say thank you. If you don’t have time for recurring social media posts or newsletters, that’s alright. One of the most powerful ways to engage with people who have supported you is to send a thank you note. Do the best you can to send handwritten thank you cards, but thanking someone in person or in a personal email will also work. Saying thank you and explaining how your donors helped your cause lets them see their hard-earned money was well spent, and can make them more likely to help for future endeavors as well. 

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