Ready for a Road Trip?

The road trip. Immortalized in movies and stories as the wonderful, irreplaceable, and yet wholly chaotic experience. That’s why the team at BHP put together these simple DIY kid entertainers to make your family road trip this summer just a little bit smoother.


Coloring Tray

• Cookie Sheet

• Clamp Magnets

• Hot Glue Gun

• Note Card Holder

• Magnets


Hot glue the magnets on the back of the note card holder and voila! You have a crayon case! Use the clamp magnets to hold up the coloring sheets. (The pages may need to be trimmed down to fit.)


Magnet Board

• Cookie Sheet

• Magnets


Bring along bags of letter magnets, paper doll magnets, shape magnets – you name it! Let your child’s creativity go to work as they play along the way.


Race Track

• Cookie Sheet

• Chalk

• Cars


Draw a track for some of your child’s favorite cars onto the cookie sheet!

Turn Up the Tunes!



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