Santa's list revealed

Santa’s List Revealed

Ever find it hard to buy a gift for someone on your list? Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas, these gift ideas will prompt some creative gift giving.

Before the holiday, take a sneak peak at the man in red’s line-up of goodies for those who’ve been nice this year. Whether shopping for family or friends, young or old, you’re sure to find something for everyone with these gifts, specially selected by Santa himself!

Gift baskets can make for a really kind gesture. Many stores have them pre-made, or you can whip together one yourself. You can personalize the gift by including items that reflect your friend’s likes. If they have a beautiful garden, for example, a gift basket centered on that hobby (garden gloves, seed packets, etc.) would be a welcome gift. If they are movie buffs, perhaps a gift of popcorn, candy, and movies will work out well.

Got an outdoors lover on your holiday list?
The perfect present for the active walker or hiker may be: suitable shoes, a Fitbit, a backpack, a Camelbak hydration pack, a water bottle, or trekking poles. To keep them moving in the cold weather, fleece mittens or wool socks from Scheels can make a great stocking stuffer.

Who doesn’t need more winter wear? The colder climate makes coats, scarves, mittens, and hats heartwarming gifts. The homemade varieties are always a nice gift if you’re handy enough to crochet or knit.

No matter if they’re training for a marathon or just trying to get in shape, the runners in your life will love these running gifts: gadgets for tracking their distances, cold-weather clothes, a wall hanger to display their collection of race medals, a 26.2 pendant necklace, or a vest with reflective strips.

If you need a gift for a music lover there’s something for everyone. A nice touch could be a boxed set of a favorite band or artist, an iTunes gift card, jewelry or T-shirts with a musical theme, a month’s worth of piano lessons, or tickets to an upcoming musical show. They may also enjoy reading a book about famous musicians and rock stars.

Take the opportunity to create some goodwill and show your neighbors some Christmas spirit with one of these gifts: tickets to the movie theater, a gift certificate to a local restaurant or coffee shop, a 2014 Christmas tree ornament, a sports team T-shirt, a gift basket with Made in South Dakota products, or nothing makes more impact than a plateful of homemade cookies.

Expressing oneself in the form of nail art has become popular and makes a great gift idea. You’ll nail it by giving the one who wants a polished look or deserves a spa experience a manicure or pedicure from Mystique Edge Salon and Spa.

Those especially passionate about their food are affectionately known as Foodies. This holiday season, gift the foodie in your life with cooking classes or gadgets to help in the kitchen. Ideas include: a digital kitchen scale for measuring ingredients, an electric wine bottle opener, or any one of the thousands of other options at Someone’s in the Kitchen and Weathered Vane. Whatever a foodie’s taste or personal preference, chances are there’s a corresponding class or gadget that can make a meal that much easier to prepare.

These items are sure to please the homeowner on your list: a gift card to the hardware store nearest them, a house address plaque, or a monogrammed keychain will make them think of you every time they unlock their front door.

A gift to be cherished by grandparents will be turning your child’s drawings into wall art or taking twelve of them and making a calendar–a gift to be treasured all year long.

If you have visions of a cute puppy under the Christmas tree this year, hold on a second. First, resist the urge to surprise your family with a cute and cuddly pet, let everyone participate in the search. Second, schedule a thorough veterinary exam, complete with vaccinations before bringing your new pet home to the family.

How about a book for a cook? Aprons, mitts, utensils, and more! Another great option is recipes. The cookbooks that get used the most aren’t the prettiest ones, or the trendiest. They’re the solid books with 100-percent reliable recipes. The best one will not simply fill your cook’s shelf, but a book they will truly use.

Many craft hobbies cost a lot of money to start up. For the crafty and creative person, consider a gift to supply them with items they need for their creations like paintbrushes, scrapbook paper, sewing supplies, or useful gadgets.

Beyond board games, liven up the game room and provide hours of exciting activity with one of these gifts: an electronic dartboard, or a game table such as foosball, ping-pong, or pool. Consider a new game with accessories if they already have a Wii console or Xbox 360.

To inspire a child’s imagination look for gifts that encourage kids to embrace pretend play: building blocks, figurines, dress up clothes, books, or crafting sets.

For a pet lover give something for the pet itself or a gift that speaks to their love of animals. You could give a personalized bed cover or food bowl, or a “Wipe Your Paws” welcome mat.

– Written by: Black Hills Family