Timesavers for Spring

With warmer weather comes busier schedules. Spring sports, larger school projects, more playdates, etc. can overwhelm your calendar in no time. This season, stay on top of the to-dos with these helpful tricks.

Get the APP


Teachers across the Black Hills are utilizing the free app – Remind.
Not only can they remind parents about homework, but also give updates about what is happening in class and an opportunity to ask questions.



This free app is a huge timesaver for families wanting to do more than share a Google calendar. Keep events, activities, grocery lists, recipes and more all in one place. And even better yet? Cozi has a journal to capture memories.



5 Elements of a good command center

  • Whiteboard Calendar for the whole family to see
  • Folder storage to keep all the paper in one place
  • Showcase Board to display artwork and accomplishments
  • Message board for encouragement throughout the week
  • A space of their own to allow kids to be involved in the planning



The Art of Saying “No”

A play date here, a lunch commitment there… volunteer, homework, dinner… the list goes on! To stay productive and minimize stress, you have to learn the gentle art of saying ‘no’. Here’s how:

Value your time and know your priorities. Your sanity and schedule truly do matter, especially to your family.

Don’t apologize. Most will start with “I’m sorry”, but that comment alone will weaken your case. Stick to your decision! You’ve got this.

“It’s not you, it’s me.” It’s a classic line, right? However, asking for another chance at a later time, or asking for more notice is a good way of keeping your relationship in good standing.