School is in Session

As students head back to school this season, here are a few tips to make those morning and evenings filled with prep and homework easier.


Homework isn’t just for kids! If words like integer, bibliography, and metamorphic make your head spin with confusion, utilize these websites for help.

We’ve all heard the answer to the question: “How was your day?” It’s the typical: “fine”, “ok”, or sometimes… “I don’t know.”

Dive into conversation by asking specific questions and showing an active interest on their day at school. Here are a few easy starters for you to begin.

  • What was your favorite part of school today?
  • How did you help somebody today?
  • Tell me something that made you laugh today.
  • What book are you reading at school?
  • What was the best game at recess today?
  • Did you learn any new words today?
  • Who did you play with today?
  • Are you ready for tomorrow?


Busy schedules mean back to prepped meals for lunch. With four steps, you’ll have the week planned out in no time!


“If there’s an open house, go meet the teacher to introduce yourself and voice any concerns for the upcoming year. Give everyone a chance to get back in the groove, but if your child experiences difficulties making the adjustment to the new year, don’t wait until Thanksgiving to say something.”

Wendy Schamber,

Lead-Deadwood Middle School


“Make sure you, as the parents and or grandparents, (and the kid’s) post their schedule somewhere. I think its great to teach kids responsibility. The night before go over their schedule and the weather. Do they have the appropriate outfit picked out for school in the morning? This cuts off so much time getting ready.”

Shelly Vidas,

Meadowbrook Elementary


“For parents and students, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Educators love helping and getting to know students and their parents. Asking for help also ensures we are able to provide the best school experience possible, which is what we want for each and every student.”

Lindsey Ruml,

Principal/Southwest Middle School


“Get a plan set up for homework and/or reading time that works for your family.  Make it a habit, so it sticks! Also, know that teachers want the best for your child.  The first few weeks can be uncomfortable getting to know expectations; just ask if you have a question.”

Jessica Campbell,

Pinedale Elementary