Military People

Sherry Burr

Sherry Burr is best known for her ability to organize an event in her quiet and unassuming way that brings people together, connecting them in a simple yet elegant way – giving it just the right touch to make people feel comfortable and at ease. She prefers to work behind the scenes; she is the detail person, the peace maker, the glue.

Sherry served on Active Duty and then joined the SD National Guard. Unlike most after her service was completed, she stayed to continue serving the unit, the Soldiers and their Families through service with their Family Readiness Group (FRG). She and her husband (retired military as well) served as leaders for the 842nd Engineer Company’s Family Readiness Group during their recent deployment in 2012. Following a unit’s deployment, the unit’s Family Readiness Group often falls apart even though reintegration is one of the most important and critical times for the unit and its families. Knowing this Sherry intensified her efforts to help sustain the unit’s FRG to motivate the 162 unit Families continued involvement and connection to resources, the unit and each other.

Then her son, Trevor joined the 842nd and as a Mother she stayed to ensure all young soldiers have a voice (even when they don’t know they need one). She knows that often young soldiers don’t include their families and aren’t aware of many benefits available to them through their service. She currently serves as the unit’s FRG Secretary and also maintains the history of the Group capturing it through photos so their legacy is not lost. She assists in the organization of numerous events for unit families such as an Easter egg hunt, potlucks, Halloween and Christmas events, and resilience training.

Even though Sherry works full-time for the United States Department of Agriculture – National Resources Conservation Services in Sundance, WY, and is a full-time wife and mother, she is never too busy to help a military family. Whether with a listening ear or referring them to the right resource or program; then calling to ensure they got what they needed. Her family has helped military families move, when they were sick, or with vehicle repair – she is a go to person – she gets things done. Sherry is also active within her community serving as a member of the local VFW Auxiliary assisting with Poppy sales and Christmas wreaths for the National Cemetery located in the Black Hills. Additionally, she has served as the Chairman of the Scholarship committee for the local chapter – helping them develop and publish a newsletter with information about the VFW and Auxiliary for the purpose of outreach and volunteer recruitment. She is its editor and contributor. She volunteers with their local church as well and is always present at whatever activities their children are involved in.

Sherry Burr is a loyal patriot as evidenced by her continued service to others. Her untiring efforts have made a difference to many military families enriching their lives through education and encouragement. Her goals include healthy, happy, resilient Families that are productive unit members, valuable community members and loving Family members. Sherry is 49 years old and lives with her family in Spearfish, SD. She and her husband David have eight children (blended family); three of which still live at home. Sherry never seeks recognition, but definitely deserves it.

Nominated By
Lynn Wright
Relation: Friend & Volunteer Manager for SD Family Readiness