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something else…

Urban dictionary defines this as, “Someone or something that cannot be described in words. It’s not a good thing, but a great one.”

I’ve found myself saying this phrase a lot lately — to the point I’m hyper-aware of when I say it. It’s all I can come up with when there are truly no words to describe what I am feeling or what’s happening at the time.

In April, we had the opportunity to meet the Wasserburger family. As we were introduced to the seven of them, I knew I was in the presence of a family who had experienced many miracles. Jace was in an accident last Father’s Day with little hope given for recovery beyond a wheelchair, let alone survival. Their story will leave you saying, “Wow, that’s really something else.”

Inside this Health and Well-being issue you will find more “something else” stories than ever before — six amazing nurses, Jennifer, the Mom Next Door, the Dad’s Life of Chad, A Day in The Life of Sarah and the Gregsons who are Making an Impact. It is our pleasure to introduce these remarkable people to you.

If you have ever noticed the quality of our work, you know the staff of Black Hills Family must be “something else” too. We were all brought to Rapid City for a purpose — from Nebraska, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, rural and eastern South Dakota, Wyoming, and even London, England. Without each one of them, the magazine would certainly be “something else” — just not in the same great way it is now.

Lately, most of my conversations have gone like this:
Everyone: So do you like being a gramma?
Me: Have you seen my posts?
Everyone: Yes, I have.
Me: Mmmm, she is just something else!

LisaDenHerderHere’s hoping for a super-blessed summer for you and your family — one that will include lots of “something else” in it.


Until Next Issue,

Lisa DenHerder
Managing Editor


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