Summer Checklist: 75 Responses to “I’m Bored!”

It’s inevitable, isn’t it? Day 10 of summer vacation and even though you’ve signed them up for activities and have play dates lined up, the phrase still appears. “I’m bored.”

Here’s a checklist of things your children, and your family, can do this summer! Print out this page, hang it on the refrigerator, and see how many you can cross off over this break.

☐ Jump Rope

☐ Have a tea party

☐ Make a craft

☐ Read a book

☐ Walk the dog

☐ Do a puzzle

☐ Make a time capsule

☐ Play charades

☐ Have a staring contest

☐ Watch a movie

☐ Learn a magic trick

☐ Find toys to donate

☐ Paper airplane race

☐ Make sock puppets

☐ Organize a fashion show

☐ Write a letter to grandparents

☐ Pick a fresh-flower bouquet

☐ Play tag

☐ Create a “how to” video

☐ Practice a sport

☐ Draw with chalk

☐ Write a story

☐ Play hopscotch

☐ Search for cool rocks

☐ Make a painting

☐ Look at old pictures

☐ Build a fort

☐ Create a new game

☐ Go for a bike ride

☐ Play frisbee

☐ Create a scavenger hunt

☐ Make no-bake cookies

☐ Create a music video

☐ Play “I Spy”

☐ Research your family tree

☐ Organize a sleep over

☐ Go for a walk

☐ Play catch

☐ Have a water balloon fight

☐ Camp in the yard

☐ Make something for a sibling

☐ Fly a kite

☐ Plant some seeds

☐ Do a science project

☐ Make homemade ice cream

☐ Prep a picnic

☐ Write a bucket list

☐ Organize your room

☐ Plan the next family outing

☐ Play hide and seek

☐ Learn to tie a tie

☐ Shoot some hoops

☐ Sing karaoke

☐ Run through the sprinkler

☐ Create a rhyme

☐ Make something for a friend

☐ Paint rocks for the garden

☐ Learn something new

☐ Train your pet

☐ Decorate cookies

☐ Alphabet tour with a camera

☐ Have a race with toy cars

☐ Help a neighbor

☐ Have a spa day

☐ Go stargazing

☐ Take a nap

☐ Make a fairy garden

☐ Wash the car

☐ Make a bird feeder

☐ Finger paint

☐ Create a scrapbook

☐ Go rollerblading

☐ DIY spa day

☐ Watch a sunset

☐ Plan a staycation