While many people feel the heat of summer, no one feels it more than an expecting mother. Being pregnant in the summer may seem like a bummer, but it doesn’t have to be! Remember these few tips to help embrace your summer pregnancy. 


Change your clothes

A woman’s wardrobe changes many times when you’re pregnant. As your baby (and your belly) grow, your wardrobe’s focus will gradually transition from stylish to practical. Bree Cook, Rapid City mom of two girls, and due with a third at the end of June, says that embracing summer styles can keep pregnancy both comfortable and fashionable. “I love maxi dresses or any free-flowing dress or skirt. And flip flops are a must!


Relaxing is necessary, not optional 

Summertime is about taking it easy, so embrace your growing belly and take time to put your feet up! Finding ways to relax, while still spending time with your family, is important. Bree suggests filling a baby pool for older kids to play in and setting a chair nearby to rest your feet in the water. It gives everyone a break from the heat, and still provides fun memories.


Healthy choices are easier  

Nutrition is important during pregnancy, and often times, summer meals are full of grilled protein choices, fresh fruits and vegetables, and refreshing beverages. Take advantage of local farmer’s markets or try your hand at a home garden! Growing your own produce can be fun and easy, and is a great way to provide healthy snacks for you and your family.


Staying hydrated is more fun 

Refreshing drinks are a staple summer item. While hydration is important for everyone, drinking enough fluids can have unexpected benefits for pregnant woman. It can assist with clearer skin, can ward off pregnancy swelling and can even help curb the appearance of stretch marks. From fruit smoothies, infused waters, flavored teas and even iced coffees, there are plenty of choices to keep you well hydrated during the summer months.


Enjoy the extra sweet treats

How often do you hear “You’re eating for two”? As the temperatures heat up, keep yourself cool by enjoying cold treats. Add that extra scoop (or two) of ice cream or get two helpings of chilled fruit during a meal.

Intentionally change your exercise patterns

Maintaining an active lifestyle while pregnant is important, for both mom and baby’s health. However, adapting your activities to your changing body is necessary. Turn your long runs into a family walk around the neighborhood. Swap your multi-mile bike ride with an easy ride down to the park. Adjusting your activity level to what your body is capable of is important.


Enjoy the journey

While you may feel like you’re not able to fully experience all that summer has to offer, try to focus on the end goal: the new family member that will soon be joining you. Use these summer months as a time to recharge, focus on what is important, and gear up for the journey life is preparing you for.


By Lyndsey Akley