Jump into Coding

Learning computer code does not have to mean sitting in front of a computer screen for hours. There are many activities that teach the skills needed to write a good computer program. Critical thinking, problem solving, algorithms, and patterns can be learned in the physical world.

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This is not a Throwaway School Year

Due to COVID-19, our children are spending a great amount of time at home. Frequent quarantines and school closures are causing havoc on the academic and mental well-being of our children. This is not a “throw away” school year; it’s the perfect opportunity to watch, understand, and document how your child learns. Pay attention to

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Creative Screen Time

If we want our kids to grow up to be active, productive contributors to society and we know they will be spending a lot of time on screens, we should be putting our kids in situations where they are creators versus consumers. As Sir Ken Robinson (education thought leader and TED speaker) said, “Creativity involves

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How to Help with Grades

For some kids, school is a challenge no matter what. But throw in a historic pandemic, complete with masks, social distancing, and an unrecognizable classroom environment—or remote learning—and you have a recipe for even more kids feeling the sting of school struggles.  How should we respond? “Families, teachers, and students need to have grace with

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