When Pets are the Problem

When Pets are the Problem How to Manage Your Child’s Pet Allergy Pets can have a special place in a family’s dynamic—especially when they’ve been with you before your children. But what do you do when your child seems to be displaying allergy symptoms toward your beloved fur baby? Over 68 percent of households in

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Ideal Chores for Kids by Age

The Ideal Chores For Kids By Age Every household has chores that need doing, and involving children to get them done is a great way of making our kids active contributors to helping our homes run more efficiently. When we encourage our kids to help around the house, we do more than just make sure

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Timesavers for Spring

With warmer weather comes busier schedules. Spring sports, larger school projects, more playdates, etc. can overwhelm your calendar in no time. This season, stay on top of the to-dos with these helpful tricks. Get the APP Remind Teachers across the Black Hills are utilizing the free app – Remind. Not only can they remind parents

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Time to Get Organized

Spring is soon to arrive! And what better way to celebrate the new season than a little spring cleaning. Here are a few tips from Black Hills Family to get started on your organization spree. Keep it Clean Wash Legos in a laundry net Pick up sequins with painters tape Glitter? Use a lint roller!

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Daylight Savings

Every March in the majority of the United States, parents dread springing the clocks forward.  While the long term benefits of having more daylight hours in the evening to enjoy outdoors outweigh the short term loses – we still cringe at the anticipation of how our children will react to the change in their sleep

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