Take Care of Yourself Too, Mom

Let’s face it. Being a mom is hard work. And if you’re like so many moms out there, you put your family first and your needs come last. After the long list of duties is accomplished, you’re just so tired you skip the workout, don’t wash your face, and collapse as soon as your head hits the pillow.

written by Dr. Rhianna Wickett,  PT, DPT, CSCS
Co-Owner Elevate Performance

Feel at Ease

Stress and sleep deprivation contribute to weight gain and pain. No wonder it’s so hard to “bounce back” to your old self when you’re exhausted! Delegate duties and chores in order to have more time together as a family. Learn to be ok with delegating, even though it may not be done the way you would’ve done it. This way, you can feel at ease going on more family adventures without coming home to a long list of house chores. House cleaning can be quality family time, too, right? 

Take Time for YOU

It seems backwards to say take more time for yourself in order to have more quality time together. When mom is burnt out, though, the whole house feels it. Your mental health is just as important as physical health. Carve out even ten minutes a day for “Mom Time.” Whether that’s just a few minutes reading, sitting in silence, doing yoga, or reconnecting with your friend over coffee, you’ll feel more refreshed and better able to help out everyone else in the family. 

Kick the Bad Food Habits 

We’ve all been there. We get stuck eating foods that are convenient and maybe not the best for us because, let’s face it – life gets busy! Whether healthy eating is something you’ve tried time after time, or you just want to have more energy, ramping up your protein and fresh food intake will help curb those sugar cravings. Increase your water intake to help curb the continuous desire to snack. Make healthy eating a fun family goal, not just a guilt you place on yourself. It can be a fun introduction to new foods for the whole family if you try some of the locally grown produce! 

Get the Checkups You Need

If you have pain, are concerned or have a gut feeling about something, get seen by a doctor sooner than later. Keep your regular checkup appointments, even if you think it’s just a sunspot on your shoulder or the nagging ache “that will just go away.” The best mom for your family is a healthy one

Get Outside and Start Moving

I hear the story so often from moms – “I used to be active, but then I had kids, got busy, and now I’ve just had too much pain and don’t know where to start.” That’s where a Women’s Health Physical Therapist can help. If you have any trouble getting active again, seek help from a Physical Therapist that can help you strategically eliminate pain or bladder concerns from pregnancy, and strengthen you to feel well enough to be able to have fun with your family.

Family time outside shouldn’t be a struggle for you to keep up because of pain or deconditioning. Encourage your kids to get outside and play with you. You’ll have quality time together and get a workout in at the same time! Make them keep up with YOU when you’re out hiking because you feel so energized from taking care of yourself.

As summer gets underway, take some time to focus on yourself by making small, sustainable changes that focus on recharging. Family time will be so much bigger for you and them if you feel your best to be truly present. Take care of yourself too, mom!