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Taking a Swing: Vincent Van Liere

Over 1500 young golfers from 50 countries met at the Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina to compete in the prestigious US Kid’s Golf World Championship. Among these protegees was Rapid City’s eight-year-old Vincent Van Liere.

Vincent was Black Hills Family Magazine’s latest ‘Amazing Kid’, was interviewed for a cover story, and landed his picture on the cover of the Fall 2017 issue. In the story, he was preparing for the tournament and his mom and dad talked about how proud of him they are.

In April of this year, he entered the US Kid’s Tour in Denver, a series of six tournaments, and he won every time. After his accomplishments in Colorado, he was invited to compete at the Kid’s Golf World Championships.

“The look on his face was priceless when he knew he won the tour championship in Denver,” says Tim with a smile. “He had made a big accomplishment!’,” remembered Vince’s dad Tim. (see the original article Taking a Swing)

At the North Carolina tournament, he teed off with boys from around the country and a boy from England. He finished the tournament tied with seven others for 68th place out of 139 other eight-year-old competitors.

“This wonderful experience has created lifelong memories. We have made new friends and learned so much about other parts of the United States and other countries,” said Vincent’s mom Rebekkah.

Round 1:

par 36, 2108 yards, 41 strokes, +5 score

Round 2:

par 36, 2108 yards, 47 strokes, +11 score

Round 3:

par 36, 2108 yards, 43 strokes, +7 score



By Kelsey Sinclair
Photos courtesy of Tim Van Liere