Teach Social Skills Daily

You can’t assume that children know how to behave until you have taught them and shown them how to behave, and it may take showing them more than once. They will learn when you practice it each and every day.




According to experts, parents, mentors and teachers should identify specific behaviors they want kids to perform, and then repeatedly model and teach these behaviors, such as:


How to share

How to stand in line without touching others

How to say “please” and “thank you”

How to comfort someone who is upset

How to comfort yourself when you don’t get your way

How to tell others how you feel instead of acting out your feelings by hitting, pushing, etc.

How to compromise


Wise parents don’t hesitate to consult with qualified professionals for any issues that may be beyond their scope of understanding. There is hope for little tykes who’ve fallen into the habit of terrorizing their homes and classrooms. That is, as long as the caring adults around them take decisive action.