A+ Teacher: Brandy Perkins

Brandy Perkins

2nd Grade at General Beadle Elementary
Rapid City, SD

Brandy Perkins has always had a love of teaching. Beginning her career in education, Mrs. Perkins taught customers, co-workers, employees, and adult students for certification classes. During a family vacation in 2010, Brandy realized it was time for a change–to make a difference for the future.

She grew up in Colorado and gained valuable experiences at elementary schools while she pursued her Masters Degree in Elementary Education. As she finished her last semester of school, Brandy and her husband moved to the Black Hills. She joined the family at General Beadle Elementary School in 2012 and has been there ever since.

“Brandy is a very passionate teacher who always has the students’ best interests at heart,” said Principal Cary Davis. “What I love most about her and her classroom is the high expectations she sets for her students.”

Those expectations are what define Mrs. Perkins’ way of teaching–being inspiring, supportive, and most of all, fun!

This past fall, Brandy’s students were able to work on a project to call their own to keep as a memory of their accomplishments. Each child wrote about the things they were most thankful for. After revisions and drafts, the pages came together in a bound book for each student.

“We were all very excited when the published product arrived,” said Brandy. “Seeing each of my students beam with pride over what they had accomplished was energizing.”

The students Brandy has the opportunity to teach make exceptional progress and become happier, more confident kids.

“Brandy becomes an advocate for every student she is given,” said Brandy’s colleague Tiffany Trask. “She makes sure they get the support they need, the necessities they need, and the consistency and care they deserve in their lives. Under her watch, every student will reach their potential.”

The time, effort, and care Brandy exudes to every child in her class are outstanding and recognized by many.

Words by Jenna Carda
Photos by Jesse Brown Nelson