A+ Teacher: Lacey Hoogland

Lacey Hoogland

Grades 6-12 at Black Hills Lutheran School
Rapid City, SD

Lacey is a lover of learning. From opening a history book in second grade, she has had a passion for gathering more and more knowledge, then helping others see its value.

Mrs. Hoogland began her career in teaching for two years then transitioned to being an education consultant for five years – providing guidance to students, parents, teachers, school boards, and other educational organizations. Now, for the past six years, Lacey has taught at Black Hills Lutheran School as a multi-level teacher for grades six through 12 in addition to being the school’s administrator.

As a mom of two young boys, Lacey is kept busy and grounded with their excitement for life. This transitions into her teaching, too. As students begin to learn and analyze what they are being taught, Lacey assists them in finding answers to their questions – helping them find a true passion of learning.

“The best thing about where I teach is that we are able to share Jesus, grace, love and forgiveness each day,” said Lacey. “It offers students the opportunity to deal with problems in a positive way so they can impact their schoolmates and families positively.”

Many people, especially the parents of the school’s students, recognize the environment Lacey creates at her school and in her classroom.

“Lacey is not only an amazing mother and director, she is an amazing teacher, too,” said Melissa Elliott, a parent to one of Zion Lutheran’s students – a sister school to Black Hills Lutheran School. “She goes above and beyond for her students and staff, and she truly enjoys what she does.”

Mrs. Hoogland’s classroom is all about discussion, discovery, and learning. Sifting through historical writings, philosophical concepts, and voicing their findings happens each and every day – leading students to become the best versions of themselves.

As a multi-level teacher, Lacey caters to meeting her students where they are at – then helping them push their limits and accomplish more than they could imagine. For that reason, Mrs. Hoogland exemplifies a teacher of excellence in the Black Hills.

Words by Jenna Carda
Photos by Jesse Brown Nelson