The Best Sledding Hills in the Black Hills

What better way to soak up the winter snowfall than heading to the closest hill to go sledding? After talking to families across the Black Hills, here are some of our favorites.




Pageant Hill: Pageant Hill Dr.
Known as a top spot in all of the Black Hills, this hill is a popular location for family sledding with children of all ages.


Tri-State Museum: 415 5th Ave.
With a variety behind the Tri-State Museum, older children will love the speed they get heading downhill. Be careful! There is a walking path at the bottom.


Black Hawk Elementary School: 7108 Seeaire St.
Behind the main school building you’ll find a small hill great for all ages.


Southern Hills Golf Course: 1130 Clubhouse Dr.
If you are sledding with children who are a variety of skills, the golf course is a great location to go to in the Southern Hills.


Meadowbrook Elementary School: 2330 Arrowhead Drive
Head to the back of the playing fields on Arrowhead Drive to find the top of this bowl-shaped hill. There’s plenty of parking, and the bottom of the hill is away from the road. It may be a little steep for younger kids, but it’s a relatively short hill.

Journey Museum: 222 New York St.
The small hill behind the museum is perfect for younger sledders. There’s plenty of parking, and the hill is away from traffic.

Quarry Park: 1102 City Springs Road
This hill offers several levels with small plateaus in between. It’s the perfect mix of gentle slopes for smaller kids and longer, more exciting hills for older kids looking for a thrill.

Canyon Lake Park: 3125 W Flormann St.
Head over to the picnic shelters just inside the gate to the park for this hill. Bonus, there is a staircase with a handrail on the hill for those who have a hard time with walking up the snowy slope.


Hanna Campground: (just beyond Cheyenne Crossing)
Hanna Road and Hanna Campground are nestled in the Black Hills National Forest and great for families with kids of all ages. The campground is a great starter location for young children, and along the way, you will surely find more extreme slopes to sled down.

Black Hills State University: (behind the Young Center)
With a bowl-shaped field, these steep hills are short but great for older children.


Lions Club Park: 500 Block Lazelle St.
These rolling hills are perfect for little ones wanting to try sledding on their own.

Strong Field Hill: Ballpark Rd.
If your older kids are looking for a challenge, check out Strong Field Hill! These steep, long hills are tons of fun.