The Hills are Calling

Spending time in nature has a wide range of health benefits: it makes us happier, promotes physical activity and healthy weight, strengthens our immune system, and helps our bodies create vitamin D. Being outdoors gives us all of these benefits individually, but going outside together benefits us as a family unit. When we spend time in nature together, it strengthens parent-child bonds, and may also help children get along better with siblings. This is in part because nature takes us away from our daily habits and fully immerses us in what we’re doing at that moment. 

The outdoors are for everyone; all ages, abilities, and interests can find something to enjoy. To bring you the best advice for a variety of activities, we talked to our friends at Scheels in Rapid City. Their expertise covers the gamut of outdoor fun, from basic outdoor principles and safety to biking and archery. We paired their advice with suggestions from local families in the hope that you’ll be inspired to find your family’s next favorite thing to do together. 

To learn more about popular outdoor activities in the Black Hills, click any (or all!) of the links below that you find interesting. Even if you’ve never thought about an activity before, we encourage you to take a look.

Living in the Black Hills affords us the unique opportunity to spend time in nature relatively easily. We’re surrounded by state and national parks that showcase the best of our country, not to mention the Black Hills National Forest provides us with a huge natural playground. Whether you hit the open trail or pack up the car and head to your favorite camp site, we hope your family enjoys every moment together in the great outdoors.