The Road to Success: Time Savers Save the Day

Planning day-to-day activities for your kids can be mind-boggling, so we gathered resources and tips for the long haul on the road to success! 


“Mom, can I have this!? Mom, can I have this too?” Loading the kids in the car and keeping them calm at the grocery store can be intimidating for everyone. If you like to shop in person, go on the least busiest days or save yourself the hassle by ordering online for delivery or pickup. Several local grocers offer this service including SafewayWalmart or Family Fare’s “Fast Lane.” Shop from anywhere and save yourself the time in line! 


Make lists and calendars for the family and individual members – this helps you and everyone else know what is going on and how to manage time. Go digital! Share a Slack channel, or get a family calendar using GoogleCozi, or FamCal

Meal Prep

On top of using slow cookers throughout the work week, make large batches of meals. You might not eat a whole pot of pasta or soup, but you can always throw leftovers in your freezer for a later date! 


Make chores fun again. Create a game for the kids to help keep them interested and motivated in helping clean. Contests are a big hit, and you can have an exciting “prize” or silly consequence for last place. (See our favorite ideas here.) Alternatively, try multitasking! While you’re waiting for supper to cook, fill the dishwasher and pick up the kitchen. 

Bill Pay

Worried about missing a payment? Schedule an online BillPay service to withdraw payments on time and sit down once or twice a month to double-check and review finances.