Chalk drawing

Think Beyond Your Walls

Think beyond your walls, and use chalk paint on paper to create trendy chalkboard stationery, on fabric for a chalkboard table runner, or on cork to create customized coasters for any occasion.

Tabletop Canvas

Add colored chalk paint to your worn-out dinner table and use the space to create personalized place settings for your guests. Or, create a tabletop canvas to share encouraging words at breakfast, announce good news to the whole family, or count down the days until your next vacation.

Create Stationery

Using chalkboard paint has recently become a big trend in home decorating, from wall hangings that mimic vintage menu boards to entire walls covered with chalk paint. But anyone can seize upon this trend and shrink it down to notecard size. Apply a few coats of spray chalkboard paint to a piece of cardstock, and the mini-chalkboard surface can be customized in many ways.

Make a stack of blank chalkboard cards, and you won’t be limited to the clichéd greetings on store-bought cards — you can personalize them for any occasion.
A chalk ink marker will allow for bolder, smoother lines, but a regular piece of school chalk adds rustic appeal. In either case, if you mess up, you can always erase it and start over. After you finish, spray a light coat of aerosol hairspray to set the chalk enough to not smudge going through the mail.