Selecting the perfect name for your little one can be tough. From popular and unique to mysterious and inspiring, check out this list of A-Z gender-neutral baby names. 


Aiden (Ayden, Aydin, Aidyn, Adyn, Aden, Adyan)

Origin: Irish, Celtic
Meaning: Fiery one

Alex (Alexandria, Alexander, Alexx, Alix, Alixandra)

Origin: English, Greek
Meaning: Defender or protector of humankind

Ashton (Ashten, Ashtun, Ashtynne, Ashe)

Origin: English
Meaning: From the town of ash trees 


Bailey (Baylee, Baley, Balee, Bailee, Bayley)

Origin: English, French
Meaning: Berry clearing; public officer of justice, a bailiff


Origin: English, Irish, French
Meaning: Fine friend


Origin: English
Meaning: Fair-haired; dark and attractive


Cassidy (Cassadee, Caassady, Casidi, Casidy, Casadie, or start it with a K!)

Origin: Irish, Celtic
Meaning: Having curly hair; clever

Charlie (Charley, Charlee, Charli, Charly, or start it with a S!)

Origin: German, English
Meaning: strong


Origin: Greek
Meaning: Strong, bold


Dakota (Dakotah, Dakoteh, Dakoda, Dekota, Dakoeta, Dacotah)

Origin: Native American
Meaning: Friendly, allies


Origin: Celtic, Scottish, Irish
Meaning: Living in the Field

Dylan (Dillon, Dillen, Dillan, Dylen, Dylon)

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Great tide



Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Delight

Elliott (Elliot, nickname “Ellie” for girls and “Eli” for boys) 

Origin: English
Meaning: God on high; my God is Jehovah

Emerson (Emersen, Emersyn, Emmerson)

Origin: English, German
Meaning: Child of Emery; brave



Origin: Irish
Meaning: Leader

Finley (Findlay, Findley, Finlay, Finlea, Fynlie, Finly, Finnlea, Finnley)

Origin: Irish, Celtic, Gaelic
Meaning: A hero or battle warrior with fair skin

Frankie (Frankee, Franki, Franky, Frankey)

Origin: French, Teutonic, Latin, English
Meaning: Freeman; from the tribe of Franks in France


Grayson (Gracen, Gracyn, Graysen, or shorten it with Gray or Grey)

Origin: English
Meaning: Child of the gray haired



Origin: English 
Meaning: Hare’s meadow

Hayden (Haden, Hadin, Hadyn, Haydan, Haydyn, Haydun, Hadon)

Origin: English
Meaning: Hedged valley; heather-grown hill



Origin: American
Meaning: Land of Indians


Jaime (Jamey, Jaimey, Jaimee, Jami, Jaymie, Jaymay, Jamie)

Origin: English, Spanish, Hebrew
Meaning: One who comes after or replaces; supplanter

Jayden (Jaden, Jaydin, Jadyn, Jaeden, Jaedon, Jadeyn, Jaidyn, Jaiden)

Origin: Hebrew, American
Meaning: Thankful to God; God has heard

Jesse (Jessey, Jessee, Jese, Jesi, nickname “Jess”)

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Wealthy; God’s gift


Kai (Kei, Ky, Kye)

Origin: Hawaiian, Indian, German, Welsh
Meaning: Of the sea; keeper of the keys

Karter (or spell it with a C!)

Origin: English
Meaning: Transporter of goods

Kieran (Kiran, Kieren, or spell it with a C!)

Origin: Scottish, Irish, Celtic, Gaelic
Meaning: Having dark hair; little and dark

Fun fact: In the Indian culture, there’s a similar name, Kiran, which means “ray of light.” 


Lennon (Lenan, Lenin, Lennan, Lennen, Lennyn, Lenon, Lenyn, try “Lenny” for short!)

Origin: Irish
Meaning: Dear one; child of love; small cloak or cape


Origin: English
Meaning: The great river


Origin: Greek, Spanish
Meaning: Light


Mason (Macen, Masen, Mayson, Maisen)

Origin: English
Meaning: One who works with stone

Morgan (Morgain, Morgann, Morghan, Morgen, Morgyn, Morgyn)

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Traveling or circling the sea



Origin: Greek
Meaning: People of victory 

Fun Fact: This name is also popular in Italy and is short for Niccolo. 


Oakley (Oakleigh, Oaklie, Oakly, Oklea)

Origin: English
Meaning: Sturdy or strong; from where the oak trees grow


Parker (Parkor, Parkir, Parkyr)

Origin: English
Meaning: Manager or keeper of the park

Peyton (Paeten, Paeton, Paiden, Paidyn, Paytin, Peytin, Paiten, Paton, Peytyn)

Origin: English
Meaning: From the town of soldiers and warriors

Phoenix (Pheonix, Pheenyx, or spell it with an F – Feenix, Fenix)

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Blood/dark red


Quinn (Qwinn, Quin, Quinne, Quiyn)

Origin: Irish, English, Celtic
Meaning: Quincy; descendent of Conn; chief leader; intelligence


Riley (Reilly, Rilee, Rylee, Ryley, Ryleigh, Rileigh, Rhylee)

Origin: Irish, Celtic, English
Meaning: Courageous and brave; from the rye field

Robin (Robyn, Robbin, Robinn)

Origin: English
Meaning: Bright with fame; social

Rowan (Roanne, Rohan, Rowann, Rowanne, Rowen, Rowyn)

Origin: Celtic, Gaelic, Irish, Scottish
Meaning: Little red one; tree with red berries; mountain ash


Sawyer (Sawyor, Sawyr, Soiyer, Sawyrr)

Origin: English
Meaning: Woodcutter

Sidney (Sydny, Sidnay, Sydney, Sydnay, or spell it with a C – Cidney, Cydnie)

Origin: English, French, Portuguese
Meaning: From the wide island or wide pasture

Skyler (Skylar, Skyeler, Skylor, Skyllar)

Origin: Dutch
Meaning: Intelligent; scholarly


Tatum (Tatem, Taetum, Tatuhm, Tatym)

Origin: English
Meaning: Bringer of joy; cheery and full of spirit

Tayler (Taylor, Taelor, Teyler, Tailer, Taylour, Taylore, Tahlor)

Origin: English
Meaning: Cloth cutter; style setter

Tristan (Trestan, Trestin, Treston, Trestton, Trestyn, Trisden, Trystan, Trystn)

Origin: Celtic, Welsh
Meaning: Tumultuous, sad, or full of sorrow; bold



Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God is my light; light of the Lord



Origin: English
Meaning: Strong


Origin: Latin
Meaning: Evening star


Wesley (Wesli, Wesly, Wesslie, Wessly, Whesley, Wetleigh)

Origin: English
Meaning: From the meadow in the west

Whitney (Witny, Whitny, Whitany, Whitneigh, Whitnee, Whittney)

Origin: English
Meaning: White Island

X and Y

There are no truly popular names that start with an x or y, but you can find a lot of inspiration for names that start with either! For boys, Xavier, Xander, and Yuri are favorites, and for girls try Xiomara, Xena, Yasmin, or Yvette. 



Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Highest point