Wendy Crews

Wendy Crews, RN

Wound Care at Rapid City Regional Hospital


Doing the best you can in the field you love is something Wendy Crews exuberates each and every day.

Nearly 18 years ago, Wendy went into nursing after watching her mother die of immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). Seeing great nurses take care of her mom gave Wendy inspiration to have the knowledge and the skills to take care of others.

Now, Wendy is carrying out what brought her into the field  – supporting patients who need her most. Her level of commitment goes above and beyond and is appreciated by many.

As a registered nurse in wound care at Rapid City Regional Hospital, Wendy sees her fair share of hurt. Patients come into their office with fear and anxiety accompanying their diagnosis and illness, but Wendy seizes this time to make an impact on their life.

“What I love about nursing is the ability to meet a patient where they are,” said Wendy, “and make them laugh a little, help them cry a little or whatever they need at the time to make them feel better.”

Whether it is staying late to visit with her patient’s family members and bringing them dinner, or supporting a coworker’s spouse who is ill and in need of help – Wendy is a nurse of excellence making a difference in people’s lives.


Proud sponsors of the 2016 Nurses of Excellence Award

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Written by Jenna Carda
Photo by Legacy