Black Hills Family is the local, parent-focused magazine dedicated to serving and enriching the lives of Black Hills parents and their families. Each issue features a collection of articles focused on modern parenting topics, family life in the Black Hills, and the joys of parenthood. Advertisements are integrated into the editorial content in a seamless format that uses the articles to guide readers to relevant business and organizations in the area. Unlike most publications, the ads aren’t a distraction; they are an a resource guide for our readers.

Black Hills Family is published six times a year, and is distributed at area locations frequented by family consumers. These locations include retail stores, libraries, medical and dental facilities, and more. We also extend our marketing and distribution efforts to local events and expos, ensuring the magazine is placed directly into the hands of our readers and your consumers. The magazine is free to the consumer and designed in a digest size for busy parents to carry along while on the go.

Targeted Marketing

Parents face choices regarding family-related needs and buying decisions on a daily basis. Black Hills Family provides a guide to the businesses and services that will help them meet those needs. In the hands of our readers, the magazine acts as a one-on-one connection between this target market and your business. The fresh design and engaging format makes the magazine enjoyable to read, while the extensive distribution makes it easily accessible for our readers. It is the easiest way to put your business in front of parents within the Black Hills.

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