20 Modern & Edgy Names for Your Baby Boy

You’re having a baby! If this is your first, with so many things to consider and endless options, deciding on the perfect name can be incredibly difficult. Even if you’ve already had a child, you know all about the troubles that come with choosing a name. Are you looking for something trendy or modern? How about mysterious or edgy?


If you play cards, you know all about the lucky ace! This modern name translates to unity or first in luck.


Often used in the equine world for a young male horse, this trendy name is also familiar to gun enthusiasts. Need another reason to use this name? You can use Colton or Colter as a full name and shorten it to Colt in casual conversation!


Derived from Greek, Damon translates as gentle and will give your boy some edge while keeping a simple and calming meaning.


Give your child a little flair in their name with this unusual dynamic and jazzy choice! You can also use Dex as a fun nickname. Dexter originates from Latin, meaning clothing dyer or right-handed.


A charming choice with a lot of history, Finn stems from a great hero in Irish mythology. Are you striving for something a little more unique? Spice it up and choose to spell it with a ‘y!’


Ranked in the top 100 boy names, Greyson is growing in popularity. Biblically it simply means son of the gray-haired man. For a fun alternate spelling, try Graysen!

Gunner (ar)

This strong name will give your son confidence. Both variations have similar meanings coming from Swedish and Nordic origins. It mostly refers to warrior, but it can also translate as battle strong, soldier, or attacker.


Is there anyone in your family tree named James? Jamison literally means son of James, so this is a nice way to honor a loved one while still giving your boy individuality.


A modern twist on classic Jack, Jax is a British name that is climbing in popularity. God has been gracious or has shown favor is the English translation for this name. Did you know It was also the name of the main character on “Sons of Anarchy” played by Charlie Hunnam? We’d say that makes this boy name pretty edgy!


Jett is an invented name taken from a velvety black mineral or more popularly known as a type of aircraft. The double “t’s” give this popular name some uniqueness.


In Irish, Kiernan is known as dark one. Use this beautiful name to give your son a little mystery.


A variant of the Welsh name Maximus meaning greatest. Are you a family that enjoys nicknames or short versions for casual everyday use? This name is perfect -use Max.


From a German origin, the name means rich. Show your affection for your son by giving him a name that shows he’s rich in love.


Pronounced as REESE versus RISE, this is a modern spelling for an old Welsh name meaning enthusiasm. A 12th-century powerful and dominant prince of Wales was Rhys ap Gruffydd.

Xander (Z)

Xander can be used as an abbreviated version of the name Alexander or a stand-alone name. Greek for defending man, this gallant name could also be spelled with a “z” to spice it up.

Gender-neutral modern and edgy baby names

Are you waiting to find out the gender of your baby? Going for the element of surprise can be fun when you’re expecting. These five names are just a few popular unisex names that can make your girl or boy stand out.


There are several ways you can spell this simple name; try Blaise if it is a girl or Blayze for a boy. Spark your creativity with this edgy boy or girl name meaning bright flame.


Hare’s meadow are the two parts of this beautiful English name. The name is used universally, but it’s become a modern baby name because of the 2016 DC “Suicide Squad” character Harley Quinn.


Only recently has Mason been adopted to both sexes. Named for a worker of stone, it denotes a strength of character.


In Greek mythology, a raven represents good fortune. Bless your son or daughter with this old English name meaning raven. If you’re using it for a girl, Remy is a very cute and simple nickname or variation.


Of Gaelic origin, Quinn translates as wisdom, reason, and intelligence.

 How do you choose a name?

 Family Importance – Check out your family tree or consider names that might honor family members that mean a lot to the two of you.

Opinions – Chat with your closest friends, family, and co-workers. Maybe they have a suggested name that you and your significant other will fall in love with!

Meaning – Research the meanings behind the names to come up with something extra special. Many names have various meanings depending on the language and origin, so be sure to do all of your homework!

Rhythm – Considering a specific name? Keep in mind that not every first name sounds good with every last name. Try saying it out loud with your last name for a test run.