No Pressure: We’re Just Raising Humans Over Here

While parenthood can feel overwhelming at times, the rewards are priceless. Try to surround yourself with support, not unsolicited advice.

It takes a village. That’s what the proverbial “they” have been telling soon-to-be and new parents since the beginning of time — or at least as far back as any of us at Black Hills Family can recall.

We’ve read countless baby and parenting books and come away with one universal truth — there is no perfect formula for parenting. We’re all learning as we go and learning from each other. We’re supporting each other. We’re finding out what works for our families and what doesn’t. And that, my friends, is the village “they” have been droning on about.

We’re a community of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors and teachers with experiences that help us help each other. None of us is perfect, many days we’re far from it. But we’re working toward the same goal — to raise tiny humans who grow to be happy, healthy and productive members of our communities.

Birth Plan and Pacifiers and Preschool

Let us introduce you to some of the Black Hills area village members at the Bump & Baby Expo, brought to you by Black Hills Family and Kicks & Giggles. This annual event gives new and soon-to-be parents and families the chance to learn about local businesses and resources available in our community. Plan for an evening celebrating parents-to-be, new parents, babies and families.

While it may be reminiscent of studying for finals, educating yourself on all things pregnancy, birth and baby will help you to make informed decisions. In and of itself, that will help to ease some of the stress that comes with parenthood. As Dr. Suess once said, “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” We suggest steering yourself toward a supportive network, like the vendors and families found at the Bump & Baby Expo.

This event provides the opportunity to learn about the wonderful local resources, services and products available to encourage a healthy pregnancy, birth and new parenting experience. It’s an evening full of information, shopping and tons of giveaways. Previous year’s vendors have included ultrasound studios, photographers, healthcare professionals, postpartum support, fitness, boutiques and much more.
Consider this your official invitation to join the Black Hills area village. We hope to see you there!