4 Ways to Encourage Early Literacy

earlyliteracy_webIt’s impossible to overemphasize the importance of literacy development in the home. Even tots who are too young to read aren’t too small to enjoy literacy activities.


Make time in the car for conversations. It sounds obvious, but think about how often you listen to music while your kid zones out to a movie or video game in the back seat.


Conversation helps build vocabulary. Don’t rush through the grocery task—take your time and encourage your little learner to help you create the shopping list, read the names of the items and match them to the list.


Bring back the bedtime book by fitting in just five minutes a day to read. It isn’t just great bonding—it builds memory skills and language development.


Visit the library. It’s fun, educational, and free. In addition to unlimited books to choose from, the local library offers story time and other activities.


Give positive reinforcement as they learn new reading skills. Express your pride at their attempts, and you’ll reinforce the importance of literacy in the home as well as at school.